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Chichester and Bognor Weight Loss Clinic- Weight Loss Hypnosis for Chichester and Bognor Regis.

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Welcome to the Chichester and Bognor Regis Weight Loss Clinic - where we offer you effective permanent Weight Loss and Weight control - from our two Weight Loss Clinics one in Chichester and the other in Bognor Regis, both serving West Sussex.

Weight Loss Hypnosis at the Bognor and Chichester Weight Loss Clinic

If you live in West Sussex and are over weight, it doesn't matter if it's just a few pounds or 10 stone, we can help you lose weight permanently and easily, not by attempting to change your eating habits, but by changing your mind set about your eating habits and food in general by using Weight Loss Hypnosis and do you know what, it will be easy. You'll then easily be able to achieve your Weight Loss Goals. We are Licensed Hypno-Band Virtual Gastic Band Hypnosis Specialists. So if you are suffering from a weight related issues, read on to find out what the Chichester and Bognor Weight Loss Clinic can do for you......

Licensed Gastric Band Hypnosis available now from us in Sussex

HypnoBand Weight Loss Treatment for Individuals and Groups

We've just introduced our New 5 session Weight Loss Course at both our Chichester and Bognor Regis Clinics - The course is broken up in 5 weekly sessions that will completely change how you feel about yourself and the food you eat . . . .See the Testimonial Video's
Chichester Weight Loss Course
Weight Loss Course Bognor
Slimming Course Chichester

We offer two individual approaches to help you Lose Weight Hypnosis and Hypnoanalysis.

Our method for personal weight loss has been honed and perfected over many years and is effective, because we are dealing directly with the drives and desires of your mind. We are not trying to beat irresistible cravings with will power, magic pills and potions or with the latest celebrity weight loss endorsements. We are going to start at the beginning, with you and how you feel about yourself. We all accept, even if we don't yet fully appreciate the massive power of our minds and the immense benefits of having a positive Weight Loss Mindset. With Weight Loss Hypnosis we can tap into the subconscious mind and remove negative self belief, low self esteem and poor body images, these are the feeling you never wanted and certainly don't deserve. We will replace them with feelings of pride and happiness. You'll realise you are responsible for your own weight loss. Using Hypnotherapy we can resolve destructive negative self beliefs and emotions, this will then allow you to reach your true potential, whether that is to be a size 10, to run the London marathon or to be a healthy role model to your children or grand children.

The Chichester Weight Loss Clinic gives you back your Self Belief.

So not only will you lose weight, but when you leave you will have a renewed insight into yourself. Your self esteem will be massively improved and you will feel emotionally stronger and ready to face any challenges put in front of you, including your own weight loss and ongoing weight control.

It couldn't be easier to Lose Weight and get back into shape permanently with the Chichester and Bognor Weight Loss Clinic.

For a moment just consider this..... what easier way could there be to lose weight, than to visit the Chichester Weight Loss Clinic, where our professional weight loss therapy means all you have to do is sit in a chair and discuss your weight loss issues with a Professional Hypnotherapist. Then depending on which therapy is most suitable to you, in between 3 and 12 weeks time your weight control will be back where it belongs in your now capable hands. The great thing about this therapy is that with safe, easy weight loss, you won't need any more diets, you won't need great reserves of will power, you won't need weight loss pills, you won't suffer from embarrassing side effects or be fearful about food in general, you won't worry about portion control or your inability to control really is that simple. So call today on 0800 860 0295 and come along for a FREE CONSULTATION and find out how The Chichester Weight Loss Clinic can help.!

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