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Bognor and Chichester Weight Loss Clinic - Food and Food industry Myths


How long have you been struggling with your weight, How frustrated do you feel about your lack of will power, how cheesed of are you with your body that seems to working against you rather than working with you... Well let me reassure you, its not all you. Why... well read on to find out more!

The reason we get caught up in this yo yo diet mentality is because of the conditioning we receive around food and diet from parents, friends and more importantly the food industry and media advertising. The fact is processed carbohydrates make us fat. The way they are metabolized in our bodies, creates a chemical reaction, that means processed carbs make us crave, they make us hungry and they make us fat....


Low Fat Foods are not your friend, find out why at The Bognor Regis and Chichester Weight Loss Clinic

However, we have been bought up for decades with the vision of a combine harvester ploughing the golden corn on a wonderful summers day as a positive imagine for bread, breakfast serials and all other kinds of foods. Its nonsense and what's the latest thing "breakfast biscuits" and when you are craving carbs who wouldn't mind a biscuits for breakfast!

At the Chichester Weight Loss Clinic, a massive part of the treatment is smashing the food industry myths, its these myths that lead to the frustration and annoyance you feel. We as a society have bought into these myths and that why we are getting fatter as a population and you know what the food industry loves it!

The fact is Processed Carbohydrates make us fat - i'll explain why at the Bognor and Chichester Weight Loss Clinic.

Another Myth we need to explode is that of eating low fat foods. Here's a quick and simple exercise you can do, next time you are food shopping in your local supermarket, I want you to subtly find the fattest shopper in the store and then just check out the food in there trolley, I guarantee it will be jam packed with processed carbs and diet or low fat foods.

Most processed foods and low fat foods are packed with sugar, and what is sugar the rawest form of carbohydrate available. We tell our children to not eat to much sugar because it will rot there teeth and make them fat.... but somewhere along the way we've forgotten.

Well that's what my weight loss treatment is there is achieve. To get my clients back on track, we need to take a step back and reassess what you really need to allow you to change your lifestyle so you can achieve your weight management goals. that is what you'll get when you undertake your weight loss treatment at the Bognor weight Loss Clinic. 


Bognor and Chichester Weight Loss Clinic - Food and Food industry Myths



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