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With my weight loss hypnosis, im not going to make unrealistic claims about Hypnosis, because you know what there is no magic wand, that is maybe the most important rule and secondly with hypnosis nobody can be made to do something they don't want to do. The fact is, weight loss hypnosis is not about brainwashing clients, its about giving them firstly the method to achieve there goals and then secondly the motivation and belief that they can be achieved.


Low Fat Foods are not your friend, find out why at The Bognor Regis and Chichester Weight Loss Clinic

So what does weight loss hypnosis entail.... well firstly lets shatter a few myths, weight loss hypnosis is not mind control, you're not week minded to need it and you can't be hypnotised to do anything you don't want to do.

Weight loss hypnosis is designed to help clients attain their goals, to give them a means by which to allow that transition from where they are today to where they want to be and in the case of weight loss that is by making healthier choices more of the time and off course by reducing portion control.

The fact is Processed Carbohydrates make us fat - i'll explain why at the Bognor and Chichester Weight Loss Clinic.

Weight loss hypnosis isn't about brainwashing you into only ever eating yogurt and lettuce again, that's ridiculous. its about taking relieving the burden clients feel about achieving there goals. Firstly we'll work out the strategy you'll need to get you where you want to go and there are a few key things we have to get right, secondly we'll look to shatter those old beliefs and then thirdly we'll use the weight loss hypnosis to both relax and clam you as we plant the new belief system you'll need to transform you mind and body for good.

Please, don't get me wrong I cant make anybody do something they don't want to do, just as I can't make someone run down the street naked, unless of course they want to, I can't make them change there eating habits if they'd still rather eat chocolate, crisps or biscuits all day long. this is all client driven, there is no magic wand, but if you really want to lose weight, but you're sick of dieting and you need a helping hand or a mighty kick ion the pants then give me a call, and come in for a free consultation, where we can sit down have a chat.


Bognor and Chichester Weight Loss Clinic - Your Weight Loss Goals



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