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You have the choice of 2 different kinds of weight loss therapy, both are excellent solutions, but tackle the issue of weight from a different perspective. The most important factor to decide which therapy is the most suitable is to understand why you may be overeating and this is totally individual.

Low Fat Foods are not your friend, find out why at The Bognor Regis and Chichester Weight Loss Clinic

Hypno-Band or Virtual Gastric Band is for clients that are generally happy in there lives and either need reeducating about there eating habits, or have got themselves into a long term rut with their diet. In these cases its a case of reeducation and motivation which is exactly what the Hypno-Band treatment does.The Hypno-Band weight loss treatment , deals with present day habits and lifestyle.

Hypno-Analysis on the other hand is for clients you use food as a comfort to deep seated emotional issues or emotional trauma they may have received earlier in there lives. If they feel they have a psychological itch they cannot scratch. an expression I here a lot from clients is that they eat "to push down the emotion". For many clients they will never be able to succeed long term with their weight loss goals, until they have released the pent up emotional baggage that fuels there need for comfort through food!

The fact is Processed Carbohydrates make us fat - i'll explain why at the Bognor and Chichester Weight Loss Clinic.

I have had many clients you have initially decided on the Hypno-Band initially to achieve there weight loss goals and have then decided to also go through Hypno-Analysis to completely free themselves of the demons that they feel may sabotage there efforts in the future. It all depends on whether the clients overeating is viewed as a symptom of internal anxiety or just the result of poor lifestyle or food education.

Either way help is at hand, so if you wish to find out more just give me a call 0787 575 3685 for a free initial consultation.


Bognor and Chichester Weight Loss Clinic - Slimming Hypnosis - Weight Loss Hypnosis vs Hypno-analysis



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