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If you battle with your weight, with diets, with self image, you'll know what an obsessional thing it can be. Maybe you weight yourself daily or even hourly, well all that information, all that procrastination where does it live? In your mind! So if you wanted to lose a few dress sizes, to shrink those thighs or to develop that most mythical of things " a healthy balanced diet" where do you think you'd need to start? on yet another overly depriving diet?

Well of course you could do that, but to be fair if you are a serial dieter, what on earth is going to make this time any different from any other time you've been on a diet....
One of Albert Einstein greatest quotes was "insanity, is doing the same thing over and over, but each time expecting a different result" if that sounds like the history of your weight loss attempts, well why not consider hypnosis.


At The Bognor Regis and Chichester Weight Loss Clinic - We can develope your new Weight Loss Mind set

After all, its your mind that controls the foods you chose, its your mind that tells you to keep on eating even though you are full, its your mind that says you have to keep jumping on those scales 3 times a day, its your mind that beats you up for not being strong enough to stay on that unrealistic diet.

With my weight loss hypnosis, im not going to make unrealistic claims about Hypnosis, because you know what there is no magic wand, that is maybe the most important rule and secondly with hypnosis nobody can be made to do something they don't want to do. The fact is, weight loss hypnosis is not about brainwashing clients, its about giving them firstly the method to achieve there goals and then secondly the motivation and belief that they can be achieved.

It's unrealistic to expect the weight you've taken years to put on, to be gone in 2 weeks

The fact is the majority of dieters want the weight they've taken years to put on to be gone in as little time as possible, with bold claims like lose a stone a fort night, or loss a lb a day, well of course that would be great wouldn't it, but you know what its not realistic to lose weight at that level and then to maintain your weight afterwards. As such programs like lighter life are not successful as long term weight loss methods.

Kim's Weight Loss Video - Her mind set is now refreshed

So what's the key to long term, successful weight loss and maintenance, well, a longer term, steady, realistic strategy and with hypnosis and a big old dollop of commonsense  we can achieve just that. Remember, all the old eating habits, beliefs around food and food choices come from within your mind. So if we can change old habits and install new beliefs around food and out eating patterns, we can change you from the inside out, rather than you trying to change yourself from the outside in with yet another unrealistic diet.

Weight loss hypnosis is all about building that belief and at the Chichester weight loss clinic we have a number of ways to attack the problem, using hypno anaylisis to resolve any trauma or anxiety issues that may fuel self medication through food, by using general weight loss hypnosis and then hypnoband virtual gastric band hypnosis.


Bognor and Chichester Weight Loss Clinic - Your Weight Loss Mind set for Chichester, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton.


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