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I'm Gary Barker, Hypnotherapist, Weight Loss Specialist and Licensed HypnoBand Practitioner for Sussex. Let me tell you now you can Lose Weight easily and permanently with Chichester Weight Loss Clinic. I offer very different, but individual therapies that will help you permanently Lose Weight and it will be easy.

If that sounds to good to be true read on......We use Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy as an aid to relaxing your conscious mind so we can either reprogram your understanding and desire to overeat or to find out the route causes of psychological causes that make some of use overeat.

At the Chichester Weight Loss Clinic we offer three distinct kinds of Weight Loss therapy that will allow you to finally jump off the merry go round that is faddie diets and strict slimming regimes and allow youself to get passed the food industry hype.

If you need any proof just ask yourself how much Weight have you lost since you started eating low fat products?
Before we get into this just watch the video below where I explain what hypnosis actually is.

Chichester Weight Loss - Slim Lady

Weight Loss Hypnotherapist Gary Barker explains Hypnosis

Whether you want to Lose 20lbs or 10 stone, at the The Bognor and Chichester Weight Loss Clinic we have what you need to Lose Weight Easily.

The Chichester Weight Loss Clinic offers three custom made, very individual kinds of Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, based upon your needs.....

Hypno-Band Gastric Band Hypnosis - this consists of a session Weight Loss Treatment, just watch the video below to see how it works.....

Bognor and Chichester Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis explained by Gary Barker

Clinical Weight Loss Hypnosis - basically if you need to Lose up to about 20lbs to reach your Target Weight and have not been over Weight for very long, then Clinical Hypnosis or Suggestion Therapy will be very effective at redressing your eating habits. With some positive suggestions regarding healthier eating, portion control and resisting some of life's little treats. Clinical Hypnosis takes around 3 sessions.

Analytical Weight Loss Hypnosis - This Weight Loss Therapy will better suit clients who have more than 20lbs to Lose, going up to.... well, there is no limit. This therapy is also for Weight Loss clients who have battled with their Weight over a long period of time. Using Hypno-analyisis we actually look at your Weight gain as a symptom of an underlying emotional upset, which can lead to many psychological symptoms, including low self esteem, depression and anxiety. This therapy will not only help you Lose Weight by resolving the over eating issues, but it also has the benefit of leaving you feeling, calmer, happier and more contented with yourself than you may have felt at any point in your life, it is very powerful stuff, which offers excellent results. Between 6 and 12 sessions are the norm and that's it, you will never need to Diet again, because you will realise food is just fuel for your body, not your emotions.

Resolve your Long term Weight Loss issues using Hypno-analysis Only at the Chichester Weight Loss Clinic


Each session of Weight Loss Hypnotherapy whether it is Clinical Hypnosis or Analytical Therapy lasts between 50 and 60 minutes! Hypnosis is used as a means to relax you, to forget about the daily grind and concentrate on your Weight Loss Therapy. Hypnosis can not make you do anything you do not wish to do. You will remain totally conscious at all times and there will be no negative side effects from your Weight Loss Hypnosis. We have two Weight Loss Clinics. Our Chichester Weight Loss Clinic is just outside the town centre within a mile of the A27 and our Bognor Regis Weight Loss Clinic is at the Flansham Park Health Centre which is ideally located for Weight Loss Clients who wish to travel from Littlehampton and Arundel being only a quarter of a mile from the A259..

Our Weight Loss Promise - If you undertake your Therapy with an open mind and give it 100% - You will reach your Target Weight Easily

Before you come to the Chichester Weight Loss Clinic - give some thought to what you want to achieve - consider your Target Weight and be realistic. It may be unrealistic to set your Target Weight based on what Victoria Beckham or Teri Hatcher weighs. Please consider your age and your starting point. If your target Weight is unrealistic to start with, then before we even start, we could have an unrealistic goal to achieve. It is far better to set a goal that is achievable and sensible. So give us a call today and come in for your Free Weight Loss Consultation - where help is at hand at the Chichester Weight Loss Clinic serving Chichester, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton and Arundel.

Lose Weight Easily - Chichester Weight Loss Hypnosis - serving Littlehampton, Bognor Regis, Arundel and Chichester